Public swimming pools in Malaga?


Even if Malaga is a coastal city with several beaches, you might not want to soak yourself all the time in salty water, get dirty by the grey sand on the beach, get stung by jellyfishes or eaten by a shark in the suddenly deep and wavy water which has a lot of floating dirt on it and sand that is super hard to wash out of your hair if you are a woman with long hair.

There are times when you rather choose a swimming pool filled chlorine to compensate the ammonia from the pee that people leave behind. By the way, fun fact: I bet you heard about the chemical that changes color if you pee in a swimming pool. Well, I have good and bad news for you; it’s an urban legend. Nobody puts such chemical into swimming pools, so from now on you can pee into any pool without fear but in the same time keep in mind that others are doing the same, according to a scientific study every fifth person admits that they peed in pools.

As you can see, the choice is hard. Salt, sand, jellyfishes, sharks and waves in the sea or chlorinated pee in a swimming pool? To make it easier to decide, I tell you that in Malaga there are no public pools. Unlike in most continental countries, where there are big open air swimming pools for people to cool down on a hot summer day, in Malaga you have no such option. There is the beach and that’s it.

Most of the apartment buildings in Malaga have swimming pools that the residents can use, but if you are not living in such a building, well then you are out. Unless… make some friends who live in a building with swimming pool and then you can casually go over to your friends and use their pool. People who live there barely use these pools anyway, they are there empty all day or with a few people hanging around. Seriously, just ask your friends if you can go over and use their pool, I am 100% sure they will say yes.


Also, there are several gyms with swimming pools that you can use after buying a daily entrance ticket or buying a membership. Of course, gym swimming pools are for swimming, not to for water-gun battles and splashing water to each other’s face. Some gym has spas too, if you are looking for a relaxing experience. However, if you are not into going to a gym, and you don’t have any friends with pools, then I have bad news for you… within the city limits there is nothing else.

As a final cockoo egg, here is one more: Parque de Agua which is not a swimming pool but a little aqua park, I would say, for children.


It’s completely free, it’s on the Misericordia beach.
The address is: 175, Calle Pacífico, 29004 Málaga.

If you want to have fun, not just swimming back and forth or relaxing in the spa, then outside Malaga, there are some aqua-parks, where you can spend a day having fun on water slides and such. Here is a list of places sorted by their distance from Malaga capital.

Aqua-parks in Malaga area

Aqualand Torremolinos
Calle Cuba, 10, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga

Autovía del Mediterráneo, Km. 208, 29651 Las Lagunas de Mijas, Málaga

Aquavelis Water Park
Calle Ruta del Pomelo, s/n, 29740 Torre del Mar, Málaga

Gyms with swimming pools in Malaga city

O2 (indoor pool & spa)
Calle Plaza de Toros Vieja, 5, 29002 Málaga

Forus Trinidad (indoor pool & spa)
Calle Malasaña, 4-6, 29009 Málaga

Forus El Torcal (indoor pool)
Calle Niño del Museo, 29003 Málaga

Vals Sport El Consul  (indoor & outdoor pool)
Calle Sófocles, 11, 29010 Málaga

ACB Aviva Malaga  (indoor & outdoor pool & spa)
Av. Juan Sebastián Elcano, 133, 29017 Málaga

Inacua (indoor & outdoor pool)
Calle Marilyn Monroe, 8, 29004 Málaga

Oceano (indoor pool)
Calle Curtidores, 8, 29006 Málaga

GO fit Segalerva (indoor pool)
Calle Actriz Rosario Pino, 16, 29014 Málaga

GO fit Huelin (indoor pool)
Paseo de Antonio Machado, s/n, 29002 Málaga


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