How is public safety and crime in Malaga?


Everyone has a different opinion about public safety in Malaga, and I have an opinion of those people who think public safety is bad. In my opinion you get exactly what you deserve. If you go to a smashed like hell barely conscious in the middle of the night alone, then it doesn’t what city are you in, and in which district. You can find trouble for yourself. I went to party several times until dawn, I was in the city, I never got into any trouble, while I have friends who got mugged, who got into fights or got into trouble with the police because of drugs. What can I say? If you make a target of yourself, you get what you deserve.

I have a lovely story about public safety in Spain. I was in Benalmádena, which is a small city about 20 minutes away from Malaga capital to visit the Teleferico and the Selwo Marine Park, but I had some time to walk around. I stumbled upon a park in the middle of the city, when I sat down on a bench, when suddenly…

A duck with some ducklings come along… they were just walking there peacefully, they didn’t care about me. I decided to walk around in the park, when I noticed that there are several other domestic animals around, I saw chickens, a rooster and even bunnies! Buy they have more exotic stuff too, such as peacocks. They were just running around and having fun in the park. The whole thing was so nice an peaceful, but there were no security guards and the whole park was open it was not a closed place, anyone could wonder in or out.


And yet, there are these animals living here and it looks like nobody tries to hurt them – or the city replaces them every day I don’t know – but in my country it would be impossible. People would just catch, take home and cook these animals or some stupid kids would chase them around until poor things – and I don’t mean the kids – get a heart attack or die because of the constant shock and stress.

This park and those animals represent the perfect public safety, peace and tolerance to me. That was the moment when I realized that this place is really nice and I might want to live here in Malaga.

Of course, just because I didn’t have any kind of bad experience with public safety in Malaga that doesn’t mean that people don’t rob each other’s house, steal cars or such. I guess there is a reason why there are bars on every window on the ground floor and why they have metal blinders on the windows of stores when they close.


Actually, I still don’t understand those, because while a store have this military grade, anti-riot and zombie apocalypse metal defense, the very next store has normal big windows that anyone could smash in, and yet nobody does.

Another thing that I noticed, but again it might be just my personal experience and not something general. At home people don’t let anyone into the building just because they buzz your apartment. We pick up the phone, ask who is at the gate and if the person doesn’t come to us, we don’t let them in. Here in Malaga, it’s different, in my experience people let anyone and everyone in. Which makes all the big metal gates unnecessary since I don’t need to break in, I just buzz a random apartment and they open the gate for me any time, without even giving a fake reason, or I just say that I have flyers, post or anything.


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Written by Surviving Malaga


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