Fun facts of Spain: How to get a free gram of cocaine in Malaga


Did you know that in Spain 94% of euro banknotes circulating has traces of cocaine? In a study, researchers examined banknotes from several big cities in Spain and they found that the notes carried and average 25.18 micrograms of cocaine.

According to the El Mundo newspaper, Spain has one of the highest rates of cocaine use in the world, with about 475,000 regular users. The main reason for the contamination is that users of the drug usually snort it by rolling up a banknote into the shape of a tube. In Spain there are about one billion banknotes in circulation, the researcher’s estimates suggesting that 142 million have been used directly to snort the drug.

According to a study by the Ministry of Health, more than 48% of the Spaniards who responded to their survey said that it’s easy to get cocaine in less than 24 hours. But if you like challenges, of course you can go the harder way: Since we know that a bank note has 25.18 micro grams of cocaine on it, you only need 40.000 banknotes and a method to extract the cocaine to get a full gram.


To get your “free gram” as promised in the title of the article, you have to have the necessary lab equipment and chemicals already and the the 40.000 banknotes. In theory that would cost at least €200.000 if you use the smallest available €5 euro notes, but who said that you need them at the same time? You can just keep washing off the cocaine from the notes one by one and in the meantime exchanging them in local shops/banks to other contaminated notes. While you do a favor for the society by cleaning the bank notes, you can slowly but surely collect your free gram. Such a nice hobby!


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Written by Surviving Malaga

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