Best things to do in Nerja

Things to do in Nerja, Spain

Day trip from Malaga: Nerja

Nerja is a charming coastal town in Spain, in the province of Malaga, which has a magnificent mild climate all year round.

Located 67 km from the city of Malaga, is one of the most touristic points of the province due to its wonderful views, its unbeatable climate and the wide range of activities offered to the visitor.

Undoubtedly, one of the charming places you should visit if you are in southern Spain. It is an area where you will be able to enjoy nature, sport, history, culture and sunshine. Not for nothing, it is one of the best day trips you can do if you are on holiday or live in Malaga.

What to do in Nerja?

We have compiled for you the top things to do in Nerja, Spain.

Aquatic route of the chillar river in nerja

Chillar River Route

Water trekking trail that runs along the Chillar River, ideal for summer because you will be walking with your feet in the water and you can also bathe in the natural pools that are on the trail. This is a free access hiking route through a natural environment of unique beauty that is worthwhile. You can find more information on this route if you click here.

Caves of Nerja, Spain

The Nerja Caves

A natural monument created by the effect of water on limestone for thousands of years, the caves of Nerja were discovered in 1959 by children chasing bats.

The cave even has its own viewpoint in one of the rooms, from which you can see fabulous views of the stalactites and stalagmites that cover roofs and floors.

The caves of Nerja combine their own natural beauty with the rupestrian paintings that can be admired in some of its impressive rooms.

Each year a music and dance festival is held inside the cave where attendees can enjoy the performances of international artists in an incomparable location.

Balcony of Europa (Balcón de Europa), in Nerja, Spain

Balcony of Europe

An unavoidable point in the visit to Nerja is the “Balcón de Europa” or Balcony of Europe, viewpoint located in the centre of the town from which you can see the best panoramic views of the sea and the mountains that surround the area. It was baptized with this name by King Alfonso XII when he visited the zone after an earthquake.

It is considered one of the landmarks of this town and probably the most visited and photographed monument in this village of Malaga.

Old town of Nerja (Spain)

Old town

During the walk through the old town of Nerja, you can see the artistic, cultural and architectural mixture of Muslim and Christian origin. To visit the Aqueduct of the Eagle, the church of El Salvador, and to walk through the peculiar streets of white houses,… a pleasant walk that will take us to the railing from which we will look at the Mediterranean Sea.

Cliffs of Maro - Cerro Gordo, in Nerja

Cliffs of Maro

The cliffs of Maro are a protected area that has become one of Malaga’s favourite spots for divers. It is an abrupt spot whose landscape is formed by small coves separated by rocks. The rich marine fauna of its crystalline waters delights scuba diving enthusiasts.

It is also possible to enjoy them by boat, jet ski, pedal boat or other means of water transport. Genuine points of these cliffs are the waterfalls in the form of ponytails and caves such as the cave of the Pigeons that are only accessible from the sea. Certainly, a place well worth a visit.


Beaches in Nerja

Famous for its crystal-clear waters, Nerja has 13 kilometres of coastline formed by splendid beaches and paradisiacal coves.

  • Burriana Beach
    It is the busiest beach and also the most equipped as it has more services and activities.
  • Calahonda Beach
    It is the best known by tourists because of its location at the foot of the famous balcony of Europe. Its access through “el boquete de Calahonda”, the fishing boats and a small white shed with blue doors make it a beach with a special charm.
  • Beach of Maro
    Catalogued as a natural spot, is a perfect place to rent a kayak and tour its wonderful cliffs.
  • El Playazo Beach
    It’s one of the most popular beaches of Nerja as it is the longest beach in the town with almost 2 km. With easy parking, is one of the beaches most frequented by large families who install their folding pergolas to spend the day.
  • El Cañuelo Beach
    With restricted access to vehicles to guarantee its conservation, this is a beach with crystal-clear waters that invite you to get to know its marine fauna and flora and to explore its underwater caves.

Kayak, scuba diving, snorkel... in Nerja, Spain

Aquatic activities

There are many aquatic activities available on the beaches of Nerja, both to explore the coast, its cliffs and waterfalls and to discover its impressive marine flora.

The best thing about the great offer available is that there are activities to suit the age, tastes and needs of the most diverse users.

You can choose between boat trips, kayak routes, scuba diving, snorkelling, jet ski rental, paddle surfing, banana boat, pedalos, parasailing,… Lots of different outdoor activities to practice sport in a prodigious natural environment.

Curiosity: Verano Azul

Verano Azul (Blue summer) is a famous Spanish series that was shot in 1981 in Nerja and that popularized this town among the inhabitants of the rest of the country. Several generations of Spaniards grew up watching the endearing stories of a group of young people during their summer holidays. For this reason, it is a must for them to go and see the Chanquete’s boat or the Ayo’s beach bar, while they remember one of the hymns of the series: “del barco de Chanquete no nos moverán” (“from Chanquete’s boat they won’t move us”) and they whistle the song just like the protagonists when they rode their bikes.

How do you get from Malaga to Nerja

How to get to Nerja from Malaga?

You can go from Malaga to Nerja using the Alsa buses. The price of the round-trip ticket is 8,20 €.

The bus schedule from Malaga to Nerja goes from 7 am to 11 pm, and the buses from Malaga to Nerja run from 7 am to 9.45 pm.

Some of the buses have a final stop in the caves of Nerja, but the timetables are shorter. We suggest that you check the timetables at the Malaga bus station.

If you go by car – because you have one or rent it, the distance between Malaga and Nerja is 67 km and it takes 1 hour approximately.

Tourist information

The telephone of the tourist office of Nerja is 952 52 15 31 and it is located at Carmen Street, 1.

You could download the official tourist guide in English here:

Plan your visit

Surely there is an activity for you among those offered by this town to its visitors. Choose your way of discovering this locality: a sporting activity, a cultural initiative, a tourist visit or simply a period of relaxation and rest.

Go through the list of things to do and see in Nerja that we have proposed and plan your one day visit to Nerja from Malaga.

Tell us in the comments which are your favourites.


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