Around the world in 80 trees

Botanical garden of Malaga - La Concepcion

Do you want to follow a route that takes you around the world through its trees? You can do it in Malaga if you visit the Historical Botanical Garden of the Conception.

This botanical garden is located on the periphery of Malaga and is the most important tropical garden in Spain. It was created by the Marquises of Loring in 1850 and is a reflection of the power of the 19th century Malagan bourgeoisie. In addition to plants and trees of hundreds of species, the garden completes its idyllic atmosphere with fountains, ponds, pavilions and a romantic temple, creating various intimate spaces throughout the property.

A walk through its 30,000 square meters evokes the bourgeois life of that time. Without a doubt, a visit that is worth making to enjoy a pleasant stroll among botanical species from all over the world.

Around the world in 80 trees

How was it created?

Inspired by the gardens and palaces that the couple had seen on their honeymoon throughout Europe, the Marquises of Loring thought of creating a tropical garden on their land. They were helped by the French gardener Chamoussent, who won numerous awards for his work in selecting and acclimatising exotic plants.

From its beginnings, the “Finca de la Concepción” was also known for housing a magnificent collection of archaeological remains.

Around the world in 80 trees

The route

In 1994, when it was opened to the general public, municipal officials made a red brick road and drew up a list of the 80 most representative trees in the world. In addition, among the trees, they thought of putting other plants from the same continent.

Over the next few years, agronomists, biologists and others involved in the garden looked for specimens of each of the species on the list. As a result, the route “Around the world in 80 trees” was created and allow the visitors to go on a journey through the trees, trunks and leaf types of all continents without leaving the Concepción garden.

Around the world in 80 trees

Once a year

One of the most charming corners of the garden is the “Cenador de las Glicinias”. It is an iron pergola covered by a climbing plant native to China: wisteria. Sown in 1857, its flowering becomes a unique spectacle that can be enjoyed for about 15 days a year. Between the end of March and the beginning of April, the arbour is covered with bunches of lilac-coloured flowers with a soft aroma.

Botanical Garden of Malaga - La Concepcion

How much does it cost?

The standard ticket is  €5.20 per person and there are also daily guided tours (optional) per 3€ more, but you can also visit the garden free on Sundays from October to March, and from 15:30 onward on Sundays from April to September. IMPORTANT NOTE: They do not accept credit cards.

How to get there?

You could get there by EMT buses (line 91 or line 2) or by car.
The address is: Camino del Jardin Botanico, nº 3 – 29014 Malaga

Do you need more info?

You could phone them at +34 951926180 or visit their website.

Botanical Garden of Malaga - La Concepcion -


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